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If you are involved with specifying or using AV in the classroom, you will already be aware of the vast market in education specific products, resources and services.

We are expert in this field and also have a good reputation for challenging the status quo enjoyed by some of the bigger suppliers in this area of the market. We were the first in the country to offer a fully kitted and installed secure classroom solution for under £1000.

By constantly reviewing our products and solutions, we can offer the latest equipment with the best warranties and competitive prices.

We also do all our own installation work and do not sub-contract.
Practical Audio Visual completed a Lecture Capture with Live Steaming solution at Leiths School of Food and Wine in White City, London.

We installed multiple High Definition Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras controlled by a central iPad. These images were shown in room for ‘close-ups’, broadcast to a second classroom upstairs and simultaneously streamed live to Vimeo using an RTMP feed.

All of this can be controlled using a simple, custom user interface designed in consultation with the client.

We used two Shure Microflex Lapel Microphones to great effect. Fantastic audio clarity and zero interference in a busy urban environment. The wider AV integration was achieved using a Vaddio AV Bridge.
Practical Audio Visual installed a full AV system as part of the new build Chiltern Academy in Luton. Working with the school we installed AV in the Dining Room and Main Hall which was interconnected so the rooms can be used together or apart.

The dining room, which is multipurpose, had a 2 x 2 Video wall using 55” Phillips Video Wall LED Screens. This was integrated with an Ecler audio system which consisted of an amplifier, controllable mixer and four Arqis 110 loudspeakers in black. The school also requested the integration of 2 wireless handheld microphones.

The main school hall audio visual install consisted of a 6500 Lumen Laser Panasonic Projector in WUXGA, a 3.5m Sapphire Electric screen, Ecler Audio System, 6 wireless microphones and a lighting rig. The stage lighting included RGB wash lights and moving heads for maximum effect during school productions. The control system was 2 x 8 Button RTI control pads running of a central command processor. This allows for simple intuitive use of the system by all users.
Rather than replace their old 8000Lumen Projector in the school hall, this school put out a tender for a 4x4 (16 screen) video wall solution.  We were successful in winning the tender.  We chose Philips 55” ultra slim bezel screens which have a 3 year warranty,  a TV-One 4K video wall controller, and Wyrestorm 4K signal distribution and splitters.  The final display size is 4.8m wide by 2.7m high, with only 3.5mm combined bezel between the screens.

The video wall controller provides for 4x HDMI inputs, 2 Display port inputs and 1 legacy VGA input.  Up to 16 pre-configured layouts are provided, but to simplify operation for the school (and prevent interference or error) a simple 6-button control panel is presented to the users – giving a choice of 4 layouts, plus simple one-click ON/OFF control of all screens.

This project presented a major engineering challenge due to the wall construction which was mostly stud partition (drywall) and not suitable for 800Kg of screens and bracketry.  Competitors proposed a large floor standing frame mount system which would have been intrusive and ugly.  We offered a “floating” video wall with no visible mounting hardware.  This was achieved by building steel frameworks in the store room and boiler room behind the video wall and then using B-Tech System X video wall mounts for the final interface to the screens.

Including the decommissioning of the old AV system, the job was delivered during term time and completed in under 4 days causing minimum disruption to the school.
A complete Audio Visual System install in to the Schools Main Sports Hall. The brief was to have a simple and effective Audio Visual system which could be used by anyone. As the school was only a year old the cabling and install needed to be as clean and discreet as possible.

The projector was installed on to the concrete slab above the false ceiling using mounts from PMV. In order to make sure the projector and cage were fixed separately we used a custom cage made from mesh and painted white. The Projector was a Epson 7500 ANSI Lumen WXGA with a standard lens. The screen was a Sapphire 3m 16:10 electric screen with IR remote.

Due to the lack of solid walls the speakers were hung by chain. We used a full Ecler Audio System consisting of 2 x ARQIS 112 300 Watt speakers with a eGPA4-150. This was paired with an imix63 which controlled the de-embedded HDMI audio, 3.5mm jack in and also the wireless ilive2 handheld microphone.

A great School Hall Projector install in Twickenham with a satisfied customer.
A high-end bespoke education solution to enable the school and teachers to maximise the space in their rooms.

Using a 75” 4K Promethean touchscreen, 3m edgeless magnetic ‘Whitewall’ and a notice board the teachers have more room than ever to work and write.

The specialist whiteboards can be joined almost seamlessly to create one long ‘Whitewall’ of any desired length.

Visible cabling is completely removed by using dado trunking and connecting directly the teacher’s apple mac desktop machine removing the need to connection plates and user cables which get damaged.

This is an excellent uncluttered approach which has been adopted as standard for the school going forward.
The Claremont Estate was established in the early 1700’s and is now home to a thriving independent school.  At the centre of the estate is the imposing mansion building – home to Clive of India until 1774, and Queen Victoria for a large part of her life through the latter half of the 19th century.

The Mansion has housed numerous classrooms since 1978.  We have been fortunate to be involved in the gradual renovation of these classrooms over the last 12 years.  The current management team are focussed on stripping back decades of cabling, trunking, ceiling projectors and whiteboards to create a minimalist aesthetic, and respectful of the building’s heritage.

The rooms still need to function as active teaching classrooms and therefore provide a robust infrastructure to endure day to day wear and tear, but the cabling for power, data and AV are all hidden where possible.

We provide a design service prior to work beginning and ensure all services are first-fixed and concealed prior to refurbishment and decoration. Our second fix builds upon this to deliver the latest in projection, 4K TV panels and whitewall panelling to provide  a clean and effective teaching environment.

The main image is that of the “Vanbrugh” classroom, named for the original owner and developer of the estate and the next images show part of the installation process.
Listed Building School Classroom Projector Installation

Hitachi ST projection onto a 3m WhiteWall magnetic dry-marker panel.

CAT6 network cabling for data and AV were provided under-floor, along with extensive power and data connectivity for the teachers desk.

Practical AV installed all power, data and audio visual infrastructure.
School Classroom Whitewall and Projector Installation

Picture shown prior to WhiteWall installation.  LG 4K 65” TV panel with concealed cabling.

Facilities supplied to dado trunking included AV connections, multiple data points, power sockets and USB charging point.

As part of the refurb, we also replaced old floor boxes with rugged stainless version housing power and data connections to desks.
School Classroom 4K LG TV Installation

BenQ Ultra Short Throw (UST) Projector to semi-matt projection whiteboard.

With the room being completely stripped-back and re-decorated to reveal original features, it was never going to be easy to install modern interactive classroom technology.

The solution shown includes a 78” Smartboard, BenQ Ultra Short Projector, ConnexEasy Soundbar – creating a compact system with minimal cabling. The dado trunking approach was chosen as it allows for AV connectivity, power and data services to be contained in one neat space.
Our client was about to commence demolition of an old school building, and replace it with a new Science block.  We were asked to quickly design a cost-effective solution to film the construction process over an 18 months period.   The job called for a, robust timelapse solution, capturing from 3 camera locations, with minimal user intervention required.

Using Samsung Techwin POE HD, camera’s loaded with timelapse software, we installed camera’s to convenient lampposts and to the roof of the adjacent sports hall.  Network cabling was completed with external grade CAT6 and temporary catenary wires.  Image capture was handled via FTP from each camera to a NAS drive sitting on the school network.

After initial configuration and testing, the timelapse capture runs independently and even restarts automatically in the event of power failure.  

time lapse video
The school assembly hall had been depending on an old audio cabinet with messy wires and inadequate speakers, with a portable tripod screen and table mounted projector. The hall itself was originally a chapel and presented some unique installation challenges due to the vaulted dome ceiling and stone archway.

We fitted a 4.5m 16:9 Sapphire SmartMove screen, with the hanging system installed into the rear of the arch stonework – positioned in order that the screen box retracted as high as possible when not in use.  This was a complex installation over 4 days working around a fixed altar, with 6m working height on two scaffold towers. A 7000Lumen WXGA projector with long lens was installed to the rear wall of the chapel, with laptop/audio inputs provided at front and rear of the hall. See video.

The audio system was completely replaced with a new Yamaha 16 channel mixing desk, amplifiers and high quality 200W commercial speakers. Basic stage lighting with a Chauvet DMX control panel was also installed at the same time.  All AV and lighting components were enclosed in a new lockable AV cabinet.
Practical AV installed Sapphire Smart Move Screen in a School Hall in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

A 5200 Lumen WXGA Hitachi Projector was used to project on to the 3m Smart Move 'double motor' screen.

These screens are perfect for keeping the audio-visual system discreet when not in use and can be stored up to 5m above the height at which you want to project to. See video.

The projector was mounted using a Btech mount and chrome pole. Signal distribution was done over CAT6 using a Wyrestorm HDMI Extender.

The system was set up to use HDMI and VGA video signals. In addition, the sound system was set up to receive wireless microphones, microphones and ipod/ipads as required.
Practical Audio Visual were engaged to upgrade the control system on a couple of existing lighting rigs. We were asked to find something reliable and user friendly as the previous system was not getting used to its full potential. We settled on a Chamsys QuickQ Rack Mounted lighting desk with an I-pad control system. This allowed us to pre-program different scenes, chases, and ques at the touch of a button. The lighting rig consisted of Moving Heads, LED Stage Wash and Mirror Balls.

In addition to this we replaced the aging projectors an installed a simple to use control system from RTI. Now teachers can tap a single button on the microphones, projector, audio, and lighting rig are live and ready to use without having to use a complicated mixer or find any of the numerous remotes.
Practical Audio Visual completed a dual-room projector install for the new dining halls at Taunton School. Two rooms used side by side either as a single system or independently.

We used 8000 Lumen Laser Panasonic Projectors with 3m wide projection screens which were custom made for a long drop border and black cassette.

This was all controlled using an 8” touchscreen in each room. Users can select any option or combination of video sources, audio inputs and pre-sets from a customer user interface designed with the school and Practical AV.

This system also integrated an Ecler sound system with Shure Wireless Microphones for voice amplification.
Call us now on 01283 520107 to discuss your project, email, or request a call back.

We offer a complete range of projectors, projector screens and interactive whiteboards, and supply all leading brands of flat panel displays. We also design and install audio systems from basic classroom speakers to large venue PA. and the integration of audio and camera solutions for Skype.
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