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Practical Audio Visual offer a bespoke service for the permanent installation of outdoor video projection systems.  These systems combine a number of technical requirements covering aspects such as site selection, infrastructure install such as underground ducting and concrete pads, power & data connections, environmental housings, projectors & lenses, control and scheduling systems, video playback systems, edge blending and projection mapping.

We provide a full, end to end, service taking the project from concept and system design through to supervision of the first live performance.

To arrange an initial chat to scope your project and budget requirements, please give us a brief overview using our enquiry form and we will arrange for a specialist to call you back, or call us directly on 01283 520107.
Outdoor Video Projection Enclosure Hitachi Laser Projector LPWU9750
The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury is situated on the banks of the River Stour and is a busy thoroughfare for locals and tourists, with many folks lingering to photograph “The Face”, or to visit the theatre and riverside café.  As part of his work as, Poet Laureate for Canterbury, Lemn Sissay wrote and performed “The Cantuarian” in June 2018 and Practical AV was contracted to design and install an outdoor projection system to render the poem onto the ancient bridge across the Stour.

The system is a permanent installation, housed in a secure, weatherproof and environmentally controlled projector enclosure manufactured by VizBox and installed by Practical AV.  Practical AV were consulted at the early stages of the process and specified the system as a whole and were responsible for the end-to-end delivery of the project.

The projector chosen was an Hitachi 8000 Lumen Laser projector  (LPWU9750) fitted with a long lens (ML904). With WUXGA Resolution (1920x1200), 20,000:1 Contrast and 20,000hour laser light source, the projector was ideal for this scenario and provided clear, sharp images from early evening onwards.  It is housed in a semi-custom steel housing with controlled temperature and humidity to protect the projector from overheating and moisture.  A bespoke pole and stainless steel interface positions the projector at the correct height and allows for fine adjustment and alignment to the bridge.  Video playback and projector control/scheduling is delivered from a Brightsign digital signage player.

Test images are shown in the photo’s, and a final video of the poem illustrates the clarity and brightness of the projected image.  A clever touch is the animated video of the moon which waxes and wanes – this image is projected directly onto the river surface and reflects onto the underside of the bridge (video created by Howard Griffin, University of Kent).

The projector is capable of showing straightforward content within a defined rectangle without the need for projection mapping, but best results are achieved with pre-recorded and mapped content from software such as MadMapper or Resolume.
The Gulbenkian Theatre is located at the heart of the University of Kent.  We were asked to complete the design and fitting of a triple projector installation outside of the theatre restaurant – three 20,000 Lumen Christie projectors wrapping around a corner and covering approximately 20m of the building façade.

To house the projectors, we used steel, temperature controlled environmental enclosures, mounted on top of heavy duty poles.  Bespoke stainless steel mounting platforms allowed for 360degree rotation and 15degree elevation.  Power and data connections were provided via underground ducting.

A secondary phase of the installation included a building wrap using perforated vinyl projection film to dress the glass windows and doors.  This provided a uniform white projection surface to the façade and improved the continuity of the projected image.  The perforated projection film reflects light on the outside, but is see through from the inside – allowing building occupants an unhindered view outside.

Each project provides is own challenges, and Practical AV provides a bespoke service, managing the process from start to finish.
Call us now on 01283 520107 to discuss your project, email, or request a call back.

We offer a complete range of projectors, projector screens and interactive whiteboards, and supply all leading brands of flat panel displays. We also design and install audio systems from basic classroom speakers to large venue PA. and the integration of audio and camera solutions for Skype.
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