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Retail and Leisure AV Installation
Retail and Leisure advertising can take many forms. Audio Visual installations are an excellent way to make you stand out as a business.

Within the retail sector there are many options for shop front and internal shop displays. These range from projected large images through to video walls and digital signage.

Although the physical projection of the image is important the development of content and a reliable media player is critical in the successful roll out of advertising. We also offer content and software solutions for you to design you own content.

The leisure sector has a much larger focus on live entertainment and audio systems suitable for large and discerning crowds.Installing bright, vivid systems to ensure the best viewing experience has been something we have been doing for years.

Again, the system needs to be simple to use to ensure the staff on duty are not distracted by having to fiddle with the Audio-Visual systems.
Practical Audio Visual were commissioned by a local council to install a Wexer brand ‘Virtual Gym’ system across two leisure centres in Nottingham.

The ‘Virtual Gym’ allows you to select a class of your choosing from cycling through the alps to a Les Mills workout. Using 3m Sapphire Screens and High Definition NEC and Casio Laser Projectors we created an immersive interactive experience.

The content and interactive touch screen which is placed outside each workout studio is provided by Wexer and installed by Practical AV.

Selecting between spin classes and workout classes created a unique control system challenge which had overcome using an 8 Button AMX controller and a combination of RS232, Infra-Red and Radio Control. This automated system allows a user to select a class which automatically triggers the projector, screen and audio creating a simple intuitive user interface.
Practical AV recently installed a digital signage TV for the live roulette camera feeds at a Casino in Leeds. Using a 4 x 4 picture in picture (PIP) HDMI matrix switch from startech, four HD images can be shown on the 4k Cello TV at any one time.

The 65” LED TV was mounted at height using a Btech video wall mount which acted as a gantry, suspending the TV above the roulette machine.

The Btech System X mount is fully adjustable to make sure the width and height are as required. This removes the need to measure and machine parts prior to install.
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We offer a complete range of projectors, projector screens and interactive whiteboards, and supply all leading brands of flat panel displays. We also design and install audio systems from basic classroom speakers to large venue PA. and the integration of audio and camera solutions for Skype.
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