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projector installation
NEC ceiling or desk mount projector
Standard ceiling projector
BENQ Short Throw wall or ceiling mounted projector
Short-Throw projector
OPTOMA wall mount ultra short projector
Ultra-Short-Throw projector
EPSON high brightness installation projector
Installation projector
Panasonic Projector
Large venue projector
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Projector installation by Practical Audio Visual
How to choose the right projector for your project?  We are a hands-on engineering team with experience of installing projectors and TV’s in every setting you can imagine.  We prefer to visit your site to look at the project and to understand the overall requirements – for cables, connections, sound systems – and to understand who will be using the kit, and how they want to use it.  We take a very practical approach to designing the system to be user friendly.  We supply and fit equipment to the following areas:

Corporate – Boardrooms, training rooms and lecture theatres
Education – classrooms, school halls and gyms
Public spaces – retail shops, sports, leisure, pubs and clubs
Worship – churches, village halls, community centres

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Specialist Projector Installations
We are experienced contractors in the areas of challenging high level work for churches, school halls, gyms and leisure centres, and also in the area of sensitive installation to heritage and listed buildings.

These high-end skills extend naturally onto our general installation work – leading to high quality installs to board rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms and lecture theatres.

Over the years we have become expert at minimising the impact of cabling and installation works. We commit a named senior engineer to each job and they take the time needed to develop these project carefully.

We find that this personal point of contact before, during and after the project completion gives you as a customer the peace of mind that the job is done properly, and the relationship and support doesn’t simply end when we put our ladders back onto the van!


Integration with cabling and audio
A projection system needs cabling and connectivity – an aspect of the job which is generally neglected at the survey and design phase (particularly with sales people). You will find that this is always front of our mind during surveys - it’s not just about how big and shiny your projector should be – it’s about making the system fit well within your building from an aesthetic and functional perspective.

We do the worrying about your cabling! Our approach is to use the latest technology to minimise and hide the cables - traditional cable systems to keep costs down, but also high end CAT5/6 network based cabling and wireless systems where it makes sense.  

We also design and fit audio systems from the ground up - to integrate with projection systems – from basic classroom speakers, to classy wall/ceiling speakers through to large venue PA systems. This is essential in today’s multi-media world as a good projector system really does need a decent sound system to accompany it. We can help with this and make sure it is fully integrated, not just an afterthought.


Installation Planning
We hope you will contact us to talk about your project and to book a survey visit.  

Some things we will ask you to think about will be things like the size of the room, the height of the ceiling and size of the walls,  the ambient lighting – blinds, curtains, dimmers etc.  the type of people using the system, the location of screens, connection points and control points etc.

If you are doing a new-build or refurbishment we can advise on first-fix requirements.  If the project is to upgrade a room or replace and existing system, we can help decide whether the old kit might be re-used etc.


Replacement Projector Lamps
We can supply replacement projector lamps for all brands of projectors. Contact us with details of the make and model and we will supply you with pricing.
Call us now on 01283 520107 to discuss your project, email, or request a call back.

We offer a complete range of projectors, projector screens and interactive whiteboards, and supply all leading brands of flat panel displays. We also design and install audio systems from basic classroom speakers to large venue PA. and the integration of audio and camera solutions for Skype.
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