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Today's boardroom solutions range from a simple projector and screen, up to a fully integrated multi-media, multi-screen presentation system, with surround sound audio and interactive whiteboard.

We can talk to you about integrating your IT with the latest AV equipment including Video Conferencing. Our first questions to you will be about the people that will use the room, and what they will use it for - this helps us identify base level equipment, and then work with you to specify any future upgrade paths.

It is far better for us to lay a few extra cables, and make minor design changes to make future additions or expansion both cheaper and quicker to implement.
Practical Audio Visual installed a multi-room fully integrated Audio-Visual System at The Foundry Meeting and Conference Centre in London. 3 Rooms with partitions needed to be used in any layout style.

We linked three 85” Sony LED screens to a 4x4 Wyrestorm Matrix switch to enable any input on any screen. Each screen had a local HDMI/VGA auto-switching faceplate so give total flexibility for visiting users.

Sitting behind this was an RTI Control Processor and touchscreen control panel to allow the conference center staff to control all the rooms and route the video and audio as required. The control system user interface was designed with the client to give all the functionality required. Fantastic Audio-Visual install in Central London.
As part of a wider Audio Visual installation, Practical Audio Visual were engaged to provide a Video Conferencing Solution for multiple meeting rooms and offices in Birmingham. The Video Conferencing installation varied depending on the size of the room, number of participants and acoustic properties.

For the smaller meeting rooms we installed Acendo Vibe Conferencing Sound Bar with Camera in conjunction with 55” LED Samsung Commercial Screens, a fixed desktop PC, Barco Clickshare and HDMI Connection plate. 3 inputs easily controlled using an 8 Button AMX Control Pad.

In the larger meeting rooms, we installed a Shure MXA910 ceiling array microphone with 8 steerable lobes for precise positioning to participants. This discreet and incredibly effective microphone means effective audio pick up for the video conference. The solution also includes an P300 Audio Conferencing Processor with DSP algorithms to enhance audio quality in AV conferences: 8 channels of microphone processing featuring AEC, noise reduction, and automatic gain control, IntelliMix automatic mixing, matrix mixing, delay, compressor and PEQ.

The Video Conferencing Installation was maximised using high end AV Kit included 49” and 55” Samsung TVs, HD NEC Projectors, QSC Amplifiers and Speakers, Logitech PTZ Cameras and Barco CSE200 Clickshares. Fantastic high specification corporate audio visual install.
Practical AV completed a fully comprehensive 7 room Audio Visual Install at The Priory Rooms Meeting and Conference Centre in Birmingham City Centre. The install consisted of Projectors, LED TV’s, Interactive LED Screens, Control Systems, Large Projection Screens and Cabling and Connectivity.
The majority of the rooms had Casio Laser Light Source Projectors (Casio XJ-F210WN) installed on the ceiling with a Sapphire 2m IR electric projection screen. Each room also had a Vision 6 Button Control Panel, Barco Clickshare CS-100 Wireless Presentation device and ATEN HDMI over CAT 6 Extender built in to a custom matt white metal wall plate.

The smaller rooms had either a 65” LG LED Commercial TV (Model 65UV341C) or a 65” iiyama interactive touch screen TV (Model TE6568MIS-B1AG).

The main meeting hall had a large 4m projection screen installed at height using two scaffold towers. The screen was RF Electric from Sapphire and controlled using a RF Frequency trigger.

Great multi room Audio Visual Install in Birmingham with a delighted customer.
Practical AV 360 Acrylic Screen Projection
360 Acrylic Display Projection Screen Projector 5000 Lumen HD
Bright Projector Office Screen
As part of an office refurbishment Practical Audio Visual carried out a wide variety of works. This included Digital Signage, TVs and Entertainment, Aerial Works, Projectors, Screens, Lighting and CCTV.

Digital signage was included using Brightsign to distribute and display real time stats from the call centre staff. This can be broadcast to multiple TVs and screens as required.

The focal point of the office utilised two Acrylic 360 degree projection screens which measured 2.7m across in 16:9 aspect ratio. The screens can be viewed from both sides. Excellent for running images and videos. HD images were projected using a 5000 Lumen HD NEC projector. The company intend to use this for Stats, HD Freeview, Team Huddles and Wireless Presentation. All these applications can easily be switched between using an 8 Button AMX Control Panel.

The CCTV was 9 HD Cameras positioned throughout the office and in the carpark. This used a Network Video Recorder to record weeks’ worth of footage continuously. The Networked CCTV also enables nominated individuals to log in from any device to view the cameras live.
Practical Audio Visual undertook a corporate boardroom install in Central London for Altour International.

As the room was client facing, Altour International required a high-quality finish with minimal cables and discreet connectivity. Practical AV designed and installed the system to ensure no visible cables and simple user interaction.

The system consisted of a 4200 Lumen HD Optoma Projector, Sapphire Fixed Frame Screen, Desk top pop up and Wyrestorm HDMI over CAT6 extender.

The projector was installed using a low profile PMV mount. All cabling was within the walls and floor for the best aesthetics.
A Corporate Boardroom Rear Projection installation with desktop connectivity and a custom screen rear projection electric screen. This unusual Boardroom layout in Nottinghamshire had two distinct room sections requiring a rear projection screen mounted between ‘rooms’.

This was achieved using a Sapphire custom screen, made to size, and a 4000 Lumen NEC HD Projector (M403H). For connectivity, a ‘desktop pop-up’ was cut in to the boardroom table giving a sleek clean solution which can be hidden when not in use.

The ‘pop up’ included VGA, HDMI, Audio, USB charging point, ethernet and a power point. All this was hidden under the table and cables grouped together in a mesh. The signal was distributed using powered HDMI over CAT6 extenders.
An existing client approached us having already purchased the boardroom table for their office. As there was a recess in the middle of the table the Audio Visual and Power connectivity needed to be retro fitted in to the metal recess.

Using metallic Neutrik connectors and a black metal enclosure a stylish design was fixed in to the centre of the desk. Alongside was a power distribution unit for laptops and phones. This simple custom design removed the requirement for any expensive desktop solutions and included HDMI, VGA, 3.5mm Audio, Ethernet and USB charging.
The cabling was then all run from the desk to the projector through the floors and walls. This meant visible cabling was kept to an absolute minimum.
As the primary supplier of Audio Visual equipment and installation services Practical AV use a standard but customised set of products to ensure consistency across all sites. This means as staff move around the country the Audio Visual experience is consistent and intuitive.

The installed equipment includes 8 Button AMX Control Panels, Stainless Steel Connection Plates, indesk ‘pop ups’, Barco Clickshare CSE200, Fixed Frame Sapphire Screens, various NEC Projectors and Commercial Light LG Screens of all sizes.

For the larger meeting rooms and boardrooms, a projector and screen is appropriate. For the more intimate meeting spaces a 55” LG Commercial Light TV is more than adequate for the user.s well as hardwire connections we have installed Barco Clickshare which is a Corporate level product for wireless presentation and video. Using USB dongles or a wi-fi connection any device can connect and ‘broadcast’ to the projector or tv.
As part of an insurance refurbishment after fire and smoke damage to their offices, we were asked to supply and install both audio and video facilities to a stylish Soho design agency.  The strong design aesthetic meant that cables needed to be invisible.

Working with a mix of old CAT5 infrastructure and new CAT6 from ourselves, we provided HDMI 1080p connections from meeting tables to TV’s.  The TV’s were cleanly mounted, with no cabling visible and very flat to wall with skinny mounts.

In addition to the multiple TV installs, we also supplied, fitted and configured a network of “Play 1” wireless speakers from Sonos.  We utilised the clients existing network to allow staff to stream music across the floor.  A Sonos Connect was provided for specific wired access in a presentation/meeting space to allow direct laptop connection into the audio system.
Practical Audio Visual installed a Samsung 4 x 55" Video Wall on Colmore Row, near Snow Hill Station, in Birmingham in a Corporate Reception/Waiting Area. The screens used were SMUE55D Samsung screens.

This Corporate Audio Visual installation is used to entertain guests in the reception and waiting area playing primarily BBC HD News.

Using BTech specialist video wall mounts the screens sit flush against each other and maintain a low profile against the wall. The HD signal is distributed from the Communication room over CAT6 using a Wyrestorm HDMI over CAT6 Extender. The built in IR transmitter receiver also means you can control the freeview box from reception.
A large corporate organisation who specialise in Engineering Services approached us to make ‘Shared Space’ with flexible, integrated and easily controlled Audio Visual equipment. The open floor space can be used in many ways.

The system consists of a front projector which is a 5000 Lumen NEC Laser Projector (NEC P502HL2) and two side LED TV’s which are LG Commercial Panels. This system can be used in ‘front’ mode with the projector only or in ‘share’ mode utilising the full area. The LG Panels can also be used individually for ‘huddle’ meetings. The system is controlled using RTI. The master controller at the front of the room is an Ipad with RTI license and software and the two side TV’s have an 8 Button RK1+ each.

Behind the control system sits an XP-6 Control Processor and an AD-4 Audio Distribution System.  Video signal distribution is achieved through Wyrestorm HDMI over CAT6 extenders and a 4:2 HDMI Switch with Audio De-embedder. Everything is controlled using RS-232 or IR Signals. This was a fantastic and responsive high spec system which helped fully utilise the space as required.
Practical Audio Visual have just completed a multi-room video conferencing installation on Birmingham Business Park just outside of Solihull.

There were 3 different rooms of varying complexity including a CEO’s office, Medium Meeting Room and Large Boardroom. We used a selection of video conferencing products in conjunction with iiyama touchscreens.

The system was designed for use in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment allowing users to immediately connect to the microphones, cameras and touchscreen with a single USB cable.

For the larger room we opted for a Vaddio PTZ camera with 2 ceiling microphones. For the smaller rooms we used an AMX Video Conferencing Bar which includes a camera, microphone array and speaker built in.

To find out more about our video conferencing offering please see our video conferencing page.


Boardroom AV Installation
Training facilities have always been the proving ground for AV equipment going back to flip charts, slide projectors, and OHPs.

Today there is a vast array of equipment to help get your message over in the most effective manner, The list of equipment and training is too long to mention here, but we will help identify the right kit for your training room by reviewing with you the type of trainers and training recipients who will use your facilities.

If your training staff are permanent residents or frequent users, then we can recommend fixed interactive whiteboard installations and integrate this with your network and the internet to make sure all materials are available to aid in teaching.

If your facilities are used by visiting staff or occasional users, then simplicity and reliability are the key. Simpler, more intuitive equipment will be better suited and laptop points for visiting presenters to enable easy plug & play access.

Equally, we can also recommend fully mobile solutions - from a simple light weight projector and laptop combo, up to mobile interactive whiteboard, and portable screens and audio solutions.
Call us now on 01283 520107 to discuss your project, email, or request a call back.

We offer a complete range of projectors, projector screens and interactive whiteboards, and supply all leading brands of flat panel displays. We also design and install audio systems from basic classroom speakers to large venue PA. and the integration of audio and camera solutions for Skype.
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